Month: September 2018

Strawberry Tofu Cream Biscotti Pudding

First of all I used Nonnis Turtle Pecan Biscotti in this recipe. Biscotti’s are slightly more hard than the average cookies you find in the market. Biscottis are twice baked giving them an extra crunch. For the Pudding: Biscotti: 1 packet Strawberry Powder: 1/2… Continue Reading “Strawberry Tofu Cream Biscotti Pudding”

Custard Jelly in a Glass with Cherries

This is a simple no bake recipe that requires very few ingredients. For the Jelly part I have used a store bought Jelly. You can make the jelly as per the instructions on the label. Do try to churn it to a thicker consistency.… Continue Reading “Custard Jelly in a Glass with Cherries”