Strawberry Tofu Cream Biscotti Pudding

First of all I used Nonnis Turtle Pecan Biscotti in this recipe. Biscotti’s are slightly more hard than the average cookies you find in the market. Biscottis are twice baked giving them an extra crunch.

For the Pudding:

  1. Biscotti: 1 packet
  2. Strawberry Powder: 1/2 cup
  3. Tofu: 1 slab
  4. Heavy Cream: 1 cup
  5. Olive Oil: 1tbsp
  6. Sugar Granulated : 1 cup
  7. Salted Butter: 1/4 cube
  8. Milk: 1/2 cup
  9. Snickers: 1/2 slab

Crush your Biscottis in a Blender. Add the butter as you go. If you want the crunch to come in your pudding don’t over blend them.  In a separate Bowl take your Tofu which you need to boil once in water and bring it to room temperature before whisking. Now on Low speed whisk together Tofu and milk till it becomes a smooth paste. Add cream to it and olive oil and slowly add in sugar. Then add the strawberry powder.

Now take your Biscotti mix and using a Spatula blend in. Your Pudding is ready. Its so easy to make. Just refrigerate for an hour. Cut Snickers into fine pieces and decorate your pudding with it on the side and add garnishing of your choice. Serve it chilled.

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