Mango Nutella Panna Cotta!

If you are a fan of mango like me then you need to really make this dish. The sweetness of the Mango against the flavour of Nutella is nothing you have ever tasted. Its a simple dish and I urge you not to distort the flavor of Nutella with Gelatin. Nutella in itself is dense and there is no need to over indulge it with heavy cream and Gelatin.

For the Recipe:

  1. 2 whole Mangoes
  2. Heavy Cream : 1 cup
  3. Milk: 1/2 cup
  4. Gelatin: 1/4 spoon
  5. Nutella: As per the glass or Jar you are using.

Panna Cotta is an Italian cold dish which is dairy thickened over. This version is just adding in Mango as a natural flavor to it.

This recipe doesn’t require any sugar. Since Mango in itself is sweet and tangy at the same time.In a bowl take 1/2 of the milk and add Gelatin to it and let it bloom for five minutes. Take the rest of the milk and add cream to it and and let it come to a simmer not a boil. Take it off the gas and let it cool down a bit just before it turns lukewarm. Now add in gelatin and whisk with a hand mixer and as you do and add the pulp of one mango that you have blitzed in the mixer. We do not want cook the Mango Puree as it will loose all its flavor and nutrition. Let it cool. Dice the other Mango into thin slices. Now take a glass and pour the Mango mix at the bottom and then add in Nutella. The best way to add Nutella is to put it in a piping bag and then add it. Now take only a spoon of the Mango Puree and just spread it over Nutella again. Then one more Layer of Nutella and finally fill the top with Mango mix and decorate with fresh Mango slices and refrigerate it. That one little spoon of Nutella in between can add a burst of flavor and acts as a surprise.

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