Chocolate Mousse (Eggless)

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies. Hope you guys got to spend the day with your loved ones. Made this simple eggless Chocolate Mousse today. The recipe requires only six ingredients and it comes out tasting far better than the egg based mousse.
For the eggless Chocolate Mousse you will require :
🌷Milk 1 cup
🌷 Yogurt 1cup
🌷 Dark Chocolate slab ( more than 70 % cocoa )
🌷Vanilla essence
🌷Pinch of salt
🌷Fresh Strawberries
🌷 Whipped Cream
Bring the milk to a simmer. Make sure not to boil it. Add the milk to the chocolate slab and using a hand whisk gently let the chocolate melt into the hot milk. In case the temperature of the milk is low and you end up having little lumps of chocolate that haven’t melted down just put the bowl in the microwave and use only 10 seconds burst to melt the chocolate at a time.
Add in half a teaspoon of Vanilla essence and a pinch of salt and let the chocolate mix rest.
Once the chocolate mix comes down to room temperature gently fold in the yogurt one spoon at a time. Make sure that the yogurt is also at room temperature.
The mousse is ready and you can use long stem glasses like the Martini glasses I have used here to decorate your mousse with fresh strawberries. Top it up with Whipped Cream and lo and behold your dessert is ready.

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