Raspberry Banana Smoothie with Oreo Cookies!!

How you start your day is going to determine not just the span of 24 hrs but also the span of your life on this planet. Live a little for once by letting go of judgement of others and of yourself. Spending time in the past and the future is like living in a mirage. You can never quite capture it. The best way to live a healthy and happy life is to let go. Being in the present will allow you to fully enjoy your own company and that of your loved ones.
People often ask me this : How can you be so happy in the mornings?
My answer to them is that I always choose to wake up with a single thought that today is going to be a superb day. And so it always is.
Folks the choice is up to you, do you want to have a superb day or a not so great day.

Kick start your day with Raspberry Banana Smoothie with Oreo cookies. Refrigerate two bananas overnight and blend them the next day. Add fresh Raspberries or you can use frozen Raspberries like I did in off season. Blend together and spread it in a bowl. Decorate with a dreamy Mermaid made from white chocolate, Blueberries and Dragon Fruit flowers and finally dust the smoothie bowl with dried Raspberries.

And finally cut your favourite Oreo cookies in two halves and your smoothie bowl is ready.

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