How to set that Picture perfect Table!!

I have had a lot of my friends come over to my house and ask me how I manage to set my table for lunches and dinners with so much ease. The answer to that is simple. I love table settings and I have been doing it since I was kid. This was routine for me at my house. My parents entertained a lot of their friends and friends and friends and I was always given the task of setting up the table. Now you will need to invest in some basic cutlery and crockery and table mats.

I suggest that if bone china crockery is too highly priced for you, you can always switch to glass crockery. Buy a set of 12 plates big and small ones and a set of 24 bowls with two serving bowls. The small bowls are needed in double numbers since Indians always have one daal and curd that is served along with a dry vegetable. If you are only two members in the household then you can reduce the set to 6 and 12 each. I have used cut glasses from Luminarc. They have a wide range of juice and water glasses You can buy normal glasses too that will be cheaper on the pocket but stay away from coloured ones; they are new trending glasses for sure but if  you are going for a classy look try avoiding those. Lifestyle store and Hometown have a wide range of Crockery and Cutlery and you can choose from there since the individual stores in GK and Khan market are a bit pricey and even I ended up buying those beautiful lotus plates from Hometown.

You will need one table runner and 6 placed mats with six set of napkins. If you want to avoid napkin rings you can use your glasses to hold the napkins.

Place your forks on the left and your spoons on the right and your dessert spoons on the top. The glasses and quarter plates need to be placed on the left always. Do get back to me if you guys have any doubts. Always happy to help.



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