Strawberry Jam!

If you are living in India you would notice that when you go out to buy jams the available brands in the market would be about 2 to 3 in number only. And the imported variety are very expensive. So how about we make our own jam at home with just two ingredients. Strawberry season is almost to an end here and the best way to preserve them is to make loads of jam that would remain good for 4 to 5 months if stored properly.

Now interesting fact is that strawberries contain Pectin, which is a natural preservative and so all you need to do is add in sugar to the strawberries and cook them for 30 minutes and your jam is ready.

I had roughly about 800gms of strawberries that I soaked in vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes. The reason for soaking them in Vinegar is to remove any harmful pesticides that have been sprayed on them. Wash them well and remove their stems or Dehul them.

Chop them up, keeping aside 1/4 th of the strawberries for later use to get the chunky effect. Put them in a non stick pan and cook them on low heat stirring continuously with a wooden spatula. Add in two cups of sugar. Best is to add in sugar one cup a time. Since the batch that I cooked were a bit on the tangy side I had to add in one cup more. So my suggestion is add in one cup and then do a taste test on the wooden spatula. Be careful not to burn your fingers while doing so. After ten to fifteen minutes you will see the juice oozing out. This is where it will get tricky, keep on stirring we don’t want to burn the jam right. It’s a bit of an excercise for your arms. When ten minutes are left on the stopwatch add in the rest of the strawberries that we had kept aside in the beginning. This is to get those hearty chunks in the jam.

Let it cool down and store it in a glass airtight container. Keep it in the fridge at all times.

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