Vanilla Sponge Cake!

This was my first attempt at making a sponge cake. Now if you know a sponge cake is a cake that bounces back when you press your fingers to it. That is the test to see if your cake did indeed came out spongy. There are a lot of recipes for a sponge cake. What I did was make it to Sanjeev Kapoors recipe. But I did add in something to it. So here goes the recipe.

Now you need to get your eggs to room temperature. That’s very important. Break four eggs in a bowl and let them come to room temperature half hour before you start baking. Melt your butter too. This recipe requires melted butter. Now the sponge cake requires equal measurements of ingredients. So measure your flour, eggs, sugar to same quantity. I used 11/2 cups or roughly 354grams.

For the cake:

Baking powder 11/2 tsp
Butter unsalted 100gms

Vanilla essence 2tsp

Mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Now you need to mix butter and sugar in a seperate bowl and you will need some sort of machine. Once it is mixed keep it aside. Now bring your eggs to a frothy consistency. I used my stand mixer and kept on whipping for atleast five minutes. Once they double in size add in butter and sugar and blend till it incorporates well. Do it one spoon at a time otherwise the butter and eggs mix will curdle. Add in the dry mix and whisk. We need to incorporate a lot of air here. Most recipes do not add in vegetable oil but I did at this stage half a cup. Now you can skip this step. Just ensure your vegetable oil is not strong flavoured one. The oil made the cake extra soft. Whisk for a few more minutes and then transfer to the baking tins. Make sure your oven is preheated to 180 degrees and your cake tins are well greased. I used cake strips on my tins for the first time and let me tell you they are worth every penny. They let the centre of the cakes bake evenly. Now a neat trick if you want your cake to bake well bake it at a lower temperature for longer. I baked my cakes at 150 degrees for 30 minutes and then extra ten minutes at 190 degrees. Slow cooking allows the cakes to rise evenly and keeps them super soft. Now you can bake them at 180 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes. Let them cool in the oven for ten minutes if you are baking at this temperature. And if you are following my recipe then take them out after 3 minutes.

Let them cool on the rack before you ice them. I used one cup of whipping cream and two tablespoons of Cream Cheese and half cup of icing sugar. Whisked them well with a hand whisk and put the frosting back in the fridge for ten minutes before icing my cakes. Decorate with fresh fruits and even frozen ones. Keep your cake in the fridge for 3 days in airtight container and let it come down to room temperature before eating. The cake will still be super soft inside and crumbly on the outside.

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