Month: July 2019

Cake Pops!

The newest trend these days are cake pops. They look so cute and are super fun way to use any leftover cake and make it fun for the kids and even adults. All you need is some Cake, Hershey’s Sauce, melted Chocolate, Sprinkles and… Continue Reading “Cake Pops!”

Blueberry Loaf Cake!

This I have to say is the most mouth watering cake ever. I love the fresh summertime feel to the cake. It’s a perfect way to have an evening Tea. Only I wish I had a tea room in a lovely observatory. Sigh! It… Continue Reading “Blueberry Loaf Cake!”

Mango Nice Cream!

The best way to eat Mangoes this season is to make a healthy version of a Mango icecream or as it is commonly called Nice Cream. All you need are : 🍌 3 Frozen Bananas. Slice them and freeze them in a ziplock bag.… Continue Reading “Mango Nice Cream!”

Chocolate Trifle Pudding with a twist!

Now as promised to all my followers earlier I am going to show you guys how to use your leftover cakes and make an impressive pudding. For the cake to be cut into shapes you need to put it in cling wrap. That helps… Continue Reading “Chocolate Trifle Pudding with a twist!”

Oreo Cheesecake!

This is the most simple and yet most decadent cheesecake ever. Period. I mean it does have Oereo shining through as the main hero of the dish. You can whip this up in a matter of minutes, the hardest part is to wait for… Continue Reading “Oreo Cheesecake!”

Chocolate Chip Muffins!

I can guarantee you that this is the best chocolate chip muffin recipe ever. The muffins are so soft they literally melt in your mouth, and hey don’t mind the crumbs! 😀 And they are eggless! For recipe: All purpose flour: 2 1/2 cups… Continue Reading “Chocolate Chip Muffins!”