Cake Pops!

The newest trend these days are cake pops. They look so cute and are super fun way to use any leftover cake and make it fun for the kids and even adults.

All you need is some Cake, Hershey’s Sauce, melted Chocolate, Sprinkles and Straws.

Take your leftover cake and using your clean hands mesh it into crumbs in a bowl. Add in some Hershey’s sauce to it to bind it together. Now take a handful of the mix and roll it between your palms and make into a ball. Insert the straws in the middle and dip the balls into the melted chocolate. Sprinkle the pops when they are wet and place them on parchment paper to dry. And it’s that easy to make these beauties. Let them set for 15 minutes before serving them in mason jars. Ensure your straws are of sturdy quality otherwise they will fall off.

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