Nutella KitKat Oreo Cheesecake!

This by far is the best Cheesecake recipe of mine. I am saying this because it combines all three of my favourite things in the world : KitKat, Oreo’s and Nutella. What more can you ask for right?

Recipe is as follows:

🌺 Crush 15 Oreo’s. Add 2 tbsp of butter and press it into a springform pan. Let it set in the fridge for ten minutes.

🌺Add one cup of room temperature Nutella to one cup of room temperature Cream Cheese and mix with an electric mixer till it’s glossy. Add in one cup of whipped cream. Whisk for a minute only or till it incorporates into the mix. Don’t over blend it.

🌺 Take out the pan from the fridge and fold in half of the mix. Sprinkle KitKat’s all over it. I used about five KitKat’s for this. You can use as many as you want. Chop them into tiny little cubes beforehand. Then add in the rest of the mix.
🌺 Take the pan and put it back in the fridge for the mix to set while you make the chocolate topping.

🌺In a pan take one cup of cream and let it come to a simmer and add in half cup of semi sweet chocolate and half a cup of dark chocolate and mix well. Take it off the gas and let it come down to room temperature.

🌺 Spread it over the Cheesecake and then the pan goes back into the fridge to set. Best is to leave it overnight but it does set up in half hour too depending upon your fridge temperature.
🌺 For decorating it use some of the mix you made earlier. Just remove some and store it in a piping bag. I used some Cocoa in the mix to give it an extra punch. You can skip this part if you want. Add some broken Kitkat’s on top and your Cheesecake is ready.

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