Month: September 2019

Chocolate Brownie Cake with Peaches!

Oh this happens to be the best combination ever. Those Peaches in the end give it such a refreshing punch. Don’t believe me than go ahead and make this cake. All purpose flour :1 1/2 cups Sugar: brown 1/2 cup white 1 cup Peaches:… Continue Reading “Chocolate Brownie Cake with Peaches!”

Snickers Chocolate Cake!

This is the most moist and decadent chocolate cake with rich American buttercream frosting. For the cake you will need: All purpose flour: 2 cups Baking powder: 1 1/2 tbsp Baking soda: 1/2 tsp Olive oil: 2 tbsp Butter: 1/2 cup Eggs: 4 large… Continue Reading “Snickers Chocolate Cake!”

Peach Galette!

I made this when the Peaches were in abundance in Himachal. I had neighbours gifting me peaches that were so juicy and soft. However the local variant of Peaches here are a bit on the tangy side so we will need to sweeten them… Continue Reading “Peach Galette!”

Chocolate Sheet Cake with Chocolate Ganache!

Now this sheet cake was made because I had some left over liquid mix from other cake I was experimenting with. Now I am giving you measurements here but I let me know how this cake turned out. They might be a bit off… Continue Reading “Chocolate Sheet Cake with Chocolate Ganache!”

No churn Kiwi Icecream!

What do you do when you have a whole lot of Kiwis lying in your fridge; you end up making Kiwi Icecream. This is a quick fix recipe and I know not so healthy but sometimes all you need is a pint of ice-cream… Continue Reading “No churn Kiwi Icecream!”

Lemon Bundt Cake!

I remember making this cake a lot some years back. At that time I used to copy the recipe from an old book of my mom’s. Now I got my new Bundt Cake pan from KitchenAid and I have been waiting for the right… Continue Reading “Lemon Bundt Cake!”

Balck Forest Cake

Now this was my first attempt at baking this cake and trust me there were some very anxious moments but in the end it all came through. Now you need to make a cherry compote beforehand so that it cools down when you are… Continue Reading “Balck Forest Cake”

How to make a perfect Ganache every time!

I often get asked how do I get a perfect Ganache every single time. Do you want you to know the secret? It’s all about heating that cream. Yes I know right? I have tried the microwave method and the stove method. And now… Continue Reading “How to make a perfect Ganache every time!”