How to make a perfect Ganache every time!

I often get asked how do I get a perfect Ganache every single time. Do you want you to know the secret? It’s all about heating that cream. Yes I know right?

I have tried the microwave method and the stove method. And now I am an ardent fan of the stove. It’s faster and better. The ganache stays at a spreadable consistency.

Take one packet of Amul fresh cream. Cut it with scissors and spoon out the cream and not the liquid part onto a pan. Break one Dairy milk silk and break it into small cubes. Heat the cream on the stove till it starts to bubble on the corners. Remove from the stove immediately, we do not want to overheat the cream. Put in the chocolate cubes and taking a spatula just mix it. The chocolate will melt into the cream. You can add one or two teaspoon of butter for extra sheen. I avoid that since it makes the ganache a bit heavy.

Now let it cool down for atleast 45 minutes. If you want to store it overnight in the fridge just put a cling wrap over the Ganache and press it down gently. This way no cracks will form on the surface. Take it out of the fridge and let it come down to room temperature before using it. You can always use 50/50 ratio of cream to chocolate also. It’s the most simple yet most decadent topping for cakes.

I have put up a picture above where you can see how the cream has started to bubble at the corners. This is the perfect time to add chopped chocolate to it and remove it from the heat.

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