No churn Kiwi Icecream!

What do you do when you have a whole lot of Kiwis lying in your fridge; you end up making Kiwi Icecream.

This is a quick fix recipe and I know not so healthy but sometimes all you need is a pint of ice-cream and maybe a series on Netflix to binge on.

Take One cup of sweet condensed milk and One cup of freshly whipped cream mix them together. I used five big Kiwis for this. Just blend them and using a spatula fold it into the whipping cream mix. Add 3 tablespoon of fresh cream into the mix for super soft creamy ice-cream. You can add vanilla essence to it. But I made it without any essence trust me it’s way better. Freeze it overnight with a cellophane wrap covering the top of the Icecream.

You can use dark chocolate chips to garnish the Icecream and some fresh cherries or any fresh fruit you have.

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