Month: October 2019

Banana Bread with Pecans, Raisins and Chocolate Chips!

This is the best Banana bread recipe that is if you follow up with the instructions. Ingredients list: Ripe Bananas: 4 use ones at room temperature. I prefer not to use frozen Bananas because they leave a lot of moisture and that makes the… Continue Reading “Banana Bread with Pecans, Raisins and Chocolate Chips!”

Coconut Trifle Pudding in Martini Glasses!

This was the last of my Diwali desserts for a reason. You can make these glasses in a jiffy. Just get the required ingredients that are available at all major stores and online apps. This recipe will make two glasses. Ingredients list: Coconut Cream:… Continue Reading “Coconut Trifle Pudding in Martini Glasses!”

Plum and Peach Hand Pies!

If you are an Indian then you know them as Gujiyas. Only these Gujiyas are filled with fruit and baked not fried.The best way to make these Hand Pies is to make the dough from scratch.For the dough: All purpose flour: 1 1/2 cups… Continue Reading “Plum and Peach Hand Pies!”

Eggless Chocolate Marble Cake with chocolate chips!

This is s new recipe that I tested only once in my kitchen. But I think it’s come out well. If you think it needs some rendition do ping me and let me know. Nestle Milmaid: 1 can Cadbury dairy milk chocolate: 120 gms… Continue Reading “Eggless Chocolate Marble Cake with chocolate chips!”

Coconut Ladoos!

I think this is the easiest recipe for making Ladoos. You will be done making them in fifteen minutes. How good is that. And best part they are so fresh and melt in your mouth Ladoos made with just three ingredients. Pro tip- get… Continue Reading “Coconut Ladoos!”

Eggless Chocolate Cake!

This recipe is very simple and doesn’t require much of beating the batter. Just using simple ingredients you can prepare the cake batter in ten minutes. Ingredients for the cake Yogurt: 1 1/2 cup All purpose flour: 1 1/2 cups Castor Sugar: 3/4 cup… Continue Reading “Eggless Chocolate Cake!”

Semolina Halwa aka Suji ka Halwa!

If you are an Indian my bet is that you have had some version of this Halwa cooked by your mother’s and grandmothers when you were small. This Halwa is rich in Iron and a very good source of energy for kids and elders… Continue Reading “Semolina Halwa aka Suji ka Halwa!”