Coconut Ladoos!

I think this is the easiest recipe for making Ladoos. You will be done making them in fifteen minutes. How good is that. And best part they are so fresh and melt in your mouth Ladoos made with just three ingredients.

Pro tip- get coconut whose husk has been removed. It’s tough doing it at home. I asked my local fruit vendor who was kind enough to do that for me.

Removing the outer shell is a bit tricky. All you need to do is keep hitting it with a small hammer that will loosen up the coconut inside. Then just use a knife and push the coconut out.


  1. Coconut: 1 makes 9 Ladoos
  2. Milkmaid: 1 can
  3. Cardamom pods: 3
  4. Coconut dry powder: 1 cup

Remove the cardamom seeds from the pods and gently using a rolling pin make rough powder. Store the unused cardamom pods for use in your tea. Goes so well with these Ladoos.

Use a mixer to make grind the coconut. Cut it into tiny pieces that way it will be very easy to blend them. Don’t overdo the blending. We want it in powder form. Too much and it will go mush.

Remove it from the blender and transfer it to a deep pan. Add in 1/4th cup milkmaid. You can add according to taste. Add the powdered cardamom seeds. Put the pan on the stove at low heat and keep stirring till the mix starts to gather into a shape.

It will take 5 minutes. After that it will take another 3 minutes to get the water to dry. Don’t overdo the mix. Keep some moisture in it. The Ladoos will become dry if you overcook the mix. Test it in between your fingers. If no water comes out on pressing bu it still feels sticky then it’s done. Remove the pan from the heat.

Take some of the still hot mix in between your palm and gently roll it into a ball shape. Then roll it in the dry coconut powder. That’s easily available in grocery stores. Decorate it with cashew or nuts of your choice. Don’t store it in the fridge otherwise it will become hard. Store it at room temperature. Finish them in a day or two.

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